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Corporate Spirit
Relying on the strength of science and
technology Constantly improving our service to customers and serving you better

Staff Spirit
Strive to open up and develop oneself
Kind, devout and do not blench or plead problems
Adhere to the basis of cooperation and stability, improve the shortness and innovate actively
If you find the problem but do not strive to solve it, you will make the company decline

Manager Spirit
The managers should be responsible for the customers, shareholders and staff
If the employees make mistakes, it is the managers’ fault
Management is to govern and clarify
To do a great event well = To do many small things well * management and coordination capacity

Serving the society, labors are the most glorious
Customers is our God
To harm the company’s interests is to damage the interests of each staff, so every staff should fight against such acts
A man’s value = his own value (positive) + value he brings to the others in his team (positive or negative) which results in big difference

Team Concept
To regard difficulties as a way to test us
Cooperation is better than confrontation and is the foundation of our success
Personal shortcoming is not terrible; the key is to learn the others’ merits and improve oneself
Do not be arrogant; we succeed because everyone in the team is great
Arrogance is often because one’s performance exceeds his expectations; one should see farther

Working Values
The society does not need us at all, if we do not provide competitive services
The company does not need us at all, if we do not make valuable contribution
Not doing the job well means you did not work
A man who is not responsible for his job does not deserve the trust of the others
Your small mistakes may bring great troubles to the others

Common Ideal
Being model of the feed machinery industry, creating the national enterprise brand

Employee Benefits
We do not promise each employee something, as all lies in your efforts. There is no best, but better